It’s funny how, sometimes, you just get the feeling that the Universe is unfolding as it should; bringing you the people you need in your life at the time you need them most. This week has been one of those times.

Last Saturday I went to my first Breast Cancer Survivors’ workshop where, guided by Clare, myself and a gang of other kickass women whose lives have been thrown into turmoil by cancer in one way or another, looked the spectre of cancer in the eye, covered it in glitter and told it to f**k off. It was a glorious, freeing and irreverent 2 days of deep, emotional work mixed with lots of tea, chocolate and creativity & I feel a bond of loving sisterhood with the women who shared it with me.

And it gets better. Buoyed up by the love and support shown to me by my sistas over the weekend I got my ‘Brave’ on, and, on Tuesday night after a day that had been a frustrating mix of pain and maths revision, I went along and joined my sistas in song at the Big Love Sista Choir. I should point out here that the last time I sang in a choir, at school, I was asked to mime, as my singing – apparently – put everyone else off! Let’s just say I am no Aretha Franklin – but I do love to sing and it turns out at the Big Love Sista choir I fit right in. By the time we had practiced ‘Lean on me’, ‘You are my Sister’ and ‘Your Love is Lifting Me Higher’ the day’s frustrations had vanished, I had forgotten my pain and the confusion of multiplying fractions and at 9.00pm I literally floated out of the Gostin Building on a cloud of optimism. Amazing.

So, thank you Universe for showering me with positivity, hope, laughter and song and for gifting me some wondrous warrior women with whom I hope to work to make profound changes for good in the world in the future. Universe, you rock my world.

Yours in Love, Glitter and Sistahood

Janette Bonar Law


The beautiful Janette and her portrait

The beautiful Janette and her portrait

To see the paintings done by the Breast Cancer Survivors’ workshop, and all our others, please visit this page to purchase a juicy ticket for our “Stand Up For Sistahood” event.