How Big Love Little Sista taught me not to give so much of a HOOT ! 

by  Lois Tierney


Lois paints an owl goddess that reminds other girls to not give so much of a hoot !

A couple of months ago, one of my best friends had a birthday party. It was a very glamourous party, as she rented an apartment on Bold Street for the night, and the room that the party took place in was very elegant and fancy. There was even a Jacuzzi!  But despite all of my friends taking their swimming costumes for the Jacuzzi, I on the other hand was considering not bringing mine.

But it wasn’t the case of ‘oh I can’t be bothered’ – it was because I was insecure about my own body and was unfavourably comparing myself to others. I was anxious because I thought that my figure had changed a lot over the years, and was worried in case people would be thinking things like ‘where’s Lois’s curves gone?’, ‘what happened to her figure?’ or ‘Yeah she’s not as good looking as she used to be’ etc. I was so worried about how others would perceive me that I started to dislike my body.

But that all changed when I went to the Big Love Little Sista workshop. The main focus of these workshops is to love yourself and make friends with other women, regardless of their background, appearance, etc.

Clare did a fantastic job because one of the sessions emphasised on loving yourself and not putting yourself down while respecting other women and forming a bond with them as sisters, no matter how you all look and what figure you all have.

Little Sista Festival

Lois joins the 105 little sistas as they launch the Little Sista Festival to reach other young women with their positive message


These sessions made me feel more confident within myself, so I thought, ‘you know what, I AM taking my swimming costume, the Jacuzzi looks like fun and who cares what anyone says about my body? It is my body and I am in control of it, and how I look is nobody else’s business’. So I went to the party, put my swimming costume on and enjoyed the Jacuzzi. And you know what? I didn’t give a hoot whether anyone thought I had the body for a swimming costume or not because I was enjoying myself and having a fabulous time at the party!

Don’t care what people think – do what you want and do what you feel comfortable and confident with, and don’t let people judge you just because you don’t fit into their narrow little ‘box’.

Beauty is only skin deep and it’s what on the inside that matters.

That being said, you’re all beautiful, no matter how you look.

And more importantly, you’re all fabulous goddesses in your own way!


Lois is a brilliant illustrator and an inspiration to us all.

Big Love Little Sista is a joint project with Big Love Sista & Knowsley Youth Mutual funded by Knowsley Public Health.

Big Love Sista CIC is a groundbreaking social enterprise working creatively with communities and leaders to bring about transformation and healing.

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