She sat in a circle
as brave as can be
opened her heart
and said
this is me
wrapped in boa
the blanket of strength
aura of protection
with extraordinary length
to all shapes and sizes
it fits like a glove
this is the circle
called Big Sista Love

she came
from a darkness
a depth of despair
she came as a healer
with the will to repair
she came as a leader
with a sword
all aflame
as a victim
with herself to reclaim
as a young woman
a girl breaking free
as the Mother
we all want to be
the lover
we all want to see

She stepped into herself
to OUR Ancient core
embracing all
that has been before
finding the woman
inside her soul
the Goddess
that made her whole
she took a deep breath
and found a voice
not words
but Her voice
and it formed in colours
as her image of choice
waking the universe
so SHE could rejoice
100 Goddesses side by side

This is the vista


Little Sista Festival
Sandra Richardson is the Chief Executive of Knowsley Youth Mutual,an incredible woman leader and a Poet. 
Sandra was a driving force in bringing Big Love Little Sista to the young Women of knowsley and beyond. This poem was written after she started attending her painting group.

                                                                          She is a true SISTA.