Big Love Little Sista Festival 2014

Were you at our incredible day?

Here’s a selection of inspirational videos, pictures and links from the day.

Our Amazing Feedback

“Well done on yesterday. It truly was exceptional and heartwarming”

Matt Ashton,
Director of Public Health, Knowsley

“I danced on a glittery stage and sung my heart out waving goodbye to loneliness – and now I know I’m everywoman!”

Claire H,
Choir Member

“Very powerful and needed…left with goosebumps and tears. On a very personal level was able to pick up the phone and end a relationship that had been hurting me for way too long. Thank you for creating the space for those connections to bear fruit. I’m sure I’m not the only one who went away closer to healing than when they walked in.” Conference Attendee

“Absolutely overwhelmed and inspired. What you have created is beyond words. As a mother of a two year old girl I feel blessed to know there are people in the world fighting to shield young women from negativity.”

Samantha Jane Price, Lush Spa

This programme has been co-delivered by Knowsley Youth Mutual, the newly launched staff and young people led Community Benefit Society.

We are also working alongside Public Health, Stronger Families, Merseyside Police, 5 Borough Partnership, Domestic Violence Agencies, CRI, Addiction/Recovery, LGBT Organisations, Youth Groups, Mental Health, and Knowsley Chamber of Commerce to help deliver a series of unique creative wellbeing workshops to 100 young women across the borough in the run up to the festival.

Sponsored by Red Ninja and Pink Media.